rounds? no, flats.

New shoes - $15 at Loehmann's. I like Loehmann's.

I can't seem to find a pair of likable boots. There was a nice pair at Urban Outfitters for $60, but they looked kind of old and scuffed up. The lady told me they were "vintage, one-of-a-kind." What a smart marketing phrase, "vintage".

a new way to scarf

Well, my new way to scarf. I am liking it. Blurry photos... sometimes my photos are blurry and sometimes very sharp. Strange camera.

Old song, but I love it. It describes my current state of mind -- my current state of my mind that I really, dreadfully, do not want to be in.

happy christmas.

My mom got me a plaid skirt for Christmas from BR.

Which is really sweet. I saw a really cute one when I went shopping with her at GAP, but it was like $60. But that was months ago. I stopped wanting a plaid skirt because I realized I would probably look like a slutty school-girl in one. So here is my attempt not to be (and pathetic attempt at modeling):

See my old-man-hat. My sister's boyfriend, Edwin, bought it for me. (Thanks.) I actually just liked the look and never realized that it was an old man hat. Although my sister told me it looked like one, I ignored it. Until after I got it, I realized that I saw many. many. old men wearing the hat. But I let it fade and thought it was just a figment of my imagination until my bubble burst when Megumi was looking for me. She looked at me from behind and thought I was an old man. Aw well, I still love it.

I am currently in love with the song The Do - On My Shoulders. Her voice sounds a little whiny, but it turns pretty after you listen to it for a while!