"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” - Albert Einstein

herringbone jacket - jcrew; cardigan - bcbg; white tank - bcbg;

I don't quite understand the motives (besides money) for the constructors of my house who put my bedroom next to the bathroom. The sound of pee running and pieces of poo plopping into the toilet water is not a pleasant sound to hear while studying, watching TV, eating, or anything else for that matter.

I don't know what makes me happy anymore. I think work makes me happy... it's just an escape from everything.

I like these boots.

Sometimes, I wonder what has become of middle school students these days. Or, at least, middle school students who take the 1 bus. I found this girl telling her friend, "I'll give you five chips if you hit Will," so the girl proceeded to hit the teeny 10-year-old boy who was sitting next to her, "No, harder, across the face," and so she "hit" him on the face. Then there was little Asian boy who out of nowhere said to his friend standing across the bus, "No one fucking likes you don't you know that?!?!" What ever happened to the little-nice-quiet Asian boy stereotype?

I'm in love with The Filthy Youth. I don't know if it's their tunes that get me or the amazingly-hot UK accent that the songs are sung in. Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl is in it -- my current obsession.

sleeping habits.

I was trying to create the online registration form for the Work-a-Thon 2009 and I finally got it! (after five hours) anyway, I'm happy.

eckk I slept for eleven hours the night before last.. I thought I'd catch up on my sleep from the past week, but I couldn't fall asleep last night...I was on the phone with Simon until 4a.m., then I listened to more music after (Michael Buble is god).

I really don't know what I talk about when I talk on the phone with people at night, our conversations always last for hours but it feels like 20 minutes.

Drew Seeley has an amazingg voice. All his songs sound really crap though because he only ever sings R&B, though good R&B.

it's become so hard, for me to be surprised.

but you're bringing back the real me, no judgment in your eyes.

more love!!

happy Valentine's day.
i loveee these shirts from Urban:

I washed my jeans with a tissue in the pocket by accident and it exploded on my pants.

teheheh. They're cute.

to satisfy my deprivation

I like this cardigan and the scarf. It's $40 though- stupid FreePeople.

$50 ... I can't decide if I really like it.

so i'll bring my umbrella and my satchel

I thought today would rain -- the weatherman said so. So I brought my clunky black umbrella to school (which I only bring once in a blue moon) and whad-da-ya know, it doesn't rain.

als;fjw I was on the bus today and this girl-sitting-next-to-me's backpack was leaking this blue stuff. I was not aware of this until after she got up and left the bus in which case I found my bag slightly soaked and blue. boo.

I saw this on the wall of the girl's bathroom today. How creative.

light colors and i'm in love

I think I am growing tired of black (I never thought I would say that)... These are happier outfits. I like them. =)

(J.Crew + Madewell Spring '09)

believe in magic

Harriet and Cynthia gave me the coveted magic wallet from J.Crew that I have been wanting. It's my new toy. =)

I have been procrastinating a lot today.
Why are all summer applications due in February this year?

the storybook character whom I fell in love with

I am disappointed that Hugh Dancy is playing Luke Brandon in Confessions of a Shopaholic. I've always envisioned Luke Brandon as a Michael Vartan.

Perfect, no?

drive until the gas runs and then walk so far...

that we can't, see, this place anymore. I like her a lot. :) This is how I feel right now.

I really want this skirt to 1) layer with my tights and 2) for speech and debate. But 1) it's $40 and 2) I think if I ever wore it to school I'd end up looking like Ms. Brewer. She always wears tights and pencil skirts.

speaking of which, I am very upset that I am not getting an A in that class.

When my debit card comes in the mail, I am going to go buy lots of dresses.
.... and then go look for more clients for thesixthdesign.