tapered and cropped pants.

need to get.
maybe I'll just buy a pair of too-big pants and cut 'em.

double-chin! demi + me taken by megumi

i've never been too fond of my own. does everyone have double chins??

why are a nice pair of oxford shoes so hard to find?

I am in love with the bottom shoes. Why is it so hard to find a nice pair of oxford shoes?

Megumi and I took pictures at Haight yesterday.
*chuckle* her SLR case looks so phallic.
I was considering getting a case for my camera because I seriously need one but I didn't want a bag and if I ever got this I think I would giggle everytime I pulled it out -immature-

what megumi and I do is I pretend to be taking a picture of her but I'm really taking a picture of the stranger that's walking past her. brilliant, right?

well anyway no one was on the street because it was 8am and it's common courtesy to get out of the picture, so the guy walked off the street while i was taking a picture of megumi- but I just followed him with my camera as he went. I think he was kind of creeped out.

we need to find a better way to do this.

by the way, 'bullet in the brain' by tobias wolff is an awesome work of fiction.