hey, you're lookin' kinda cute in that polka dot bikini giiiiiiirl

display @ club monaco-- desert boots! the men's outfit is love, esp the sweater & pants. christmas sweaters always give me a fuzzy feeling inside.

6am plane ride.

I've never seen one of those lifeguard houses except in movies and spongebob episodes 'til yesterday. reminds me of SUMMER.. I keep thinking it's summer break when it's really winter break because I'm in florida and its hawttt.

this is Boba. i'm trying to teach him to play dead. i finally got him to lay down in the dead position but now all he does is lay in the dead position despite me telling him to sit or roll over.
oh, and he wags his tail when you say 'good boy,' what a cutie.

i'm in miami, trick.

i need to be more productive with my time.

"sorry, but i'm in a hurry- i really would enjoy that though," he shouts from the crosswalk

my boots came a week ago but i didn't get to take a picture 'til now. they scuff easily.

not too many pictures today. the thing about san francisco is everyone is always in a rush.
i liked this old man's outfit a lot (front) but i don't speak cantonese so i couldn't ask him. check out his gloves! and there was white writing sewed onto it.

i think some old people in chinatown dress so cutely because they throw on a bunch of patterns together. unfortunately, most asian people are hesitant of being photographed.

i love old people. we made gingerbread houses with them at tenant services today. there were gingerbread men and one of the grandmas said, "he's sleeping. lets give him a blanket" and cracked a graham cracker and put it over the gingerbread men :)

san francisco, financial district

attempts at street photography today in the fi-di with meg.

this guy's boots are raw. he was really tall though, so his spread legs made for an awkward picture! he had amazingly blue eyes, which, unfortunately are not very visible in the picture.

her outfit could have come out looking really hookery, but it didn't :)

want to get me some tom-toms! i think he's just wearing white vans though.

another year older.

my sister bought me macarons for my birthday. yummm! if there is ever a heaven. i would want it to be filled with these and i would swim around in them.

i'm tripping over rainbows

officially the happiest kid in the world :)

we only got 86 400 seconds in a day to turn it all around or to throw it all away

here's my sorry attempt to be thesartorialist and capture a picture of a man with i must say, impeccable taste. i didn't have enough balls to ask him for a posed picture and i only had my camera phone which responds terribly to motion so i couldn't get him while he was walking.

he was wearing a jeans and a bright red windbreaker with a washed-blue colored scarf and mahogany-orange oxfords. he looked like ed westwick, but he had a mustache and had blond hair. he looked really disgruntled the whole time like ed does though. he got on the bus when it stopped at castro. he was falling asleep and i wanted to take a picture of him then but it'd be such creeper-status.

i love when the bus stops at castro station because i get to see people in nice outfits.

other things that are hot:
- when people hold their gloves in their hand - i don't know why, it looks sophisticated
- people who work at trader joe's - or maybe i'm just attracted to yuppies
- men who wear suits with a pop of color or dress all suit chiq but wear a paisley dress shirt (there was this guy walking on stockton today who was wearing a suit and sweatervest but had a paisley dress shirt. he was so brilliant. the only thing that ruined it was his sneakers.) or just pops of color in general.

by thesartorialist

here, here, and here

i liked super sunday today. after doing summer day camp for 3 years in a row with 1st-2nd graders, i was almost adamant in my decision to never have kids. but there was an adorable kid named jason today. he kept pulling down the seats next to me and looking for people who looked lonely and telling them to sit next to us. and he was frustrated and said 'aiyaaah' when me and candon were messing around and untying each others' shoes because he sat between us. what a cutie- he's so thoughtful.

a lot of times when i speak in (very bad) cantonese i have a tendency to mix vietnamese into it. then i wonder why the grandma or the kid can't understand me. d'oh

some quotes from my psych book i really liked:

"Based on the roughly 10-million-to-1 odds against a bet's winning a state Lotto jackpot, one's chances are not much better than the odds of being struck by lightning. If you are an average British citizen and you place a bet in the National Lottery, the oods of your dying during the 20-minute National Lottery draw program on television are several times greater than the odds of your winning (Chance News, 1999)."

"Casinos entice us to gamble by signaling even small wins with bells and lights -- making them vividly memorable -- while keeping big losses soundlessly invisible."

lighten up

i love seasons!! i wish there were a change of seasons in san francisco. i was in millbrae today and there were pretty leaves scattered in different colors everywhere.
i used to think i liked hot summers. when I went to DC dan said a lot of people would love to live in sf weather; i wondered why. i realized what he meant. it was so faliw;jef hot everyday i didn't feel like doing much.
so, san francisco would be perfect if leaves changed colors in autumn and it snowed in the winter.

it was pouring today. i love the rain, or maybe just umbrellas.

sometimes i feel awkward taking pictures in public. i was crouched near the ground under my umbrella and i didn't realize there was a lady behind me. she started laughing

today was my first time at chipotle- now i know why everyone raves about it. it was delishhh. it tastes so fresh like its homemade, but maybe it's because i haven't had a burrito since i became vegetarian.



My pants came!! They bunch up at the butt and make my thighs look huge but I like 'em cause they're loose and comfy.

I was disappointed today because it was supposed to rain but it didn't and i didn't get to use my new nifty umbrella. then it started pouring on the ride home. super

Miles: Why do I always fall for the bad girl?
Iris: You didn't know that she was a bad girl.
Miles: I knew she wasn't good. [When being offered coffee] Do you have anything, a little bit stronger? [Now receiving the drink] Thank you. Let me rephrase this. Why am I attracted to a person I know isn't good?
Iris: I happen to know the answer to this. Because you're hoping you're wrong. And every time she does something that tells you she's no good, you ignore it. And every time she comes through and surprises you, she wins you over, and you lose that argument with yourself, that she's not for you.

Today I learned a new indian sex position called the helicopter.
Thanks megumi.

embrace the desert

I love the rugged look for desert boots. I can only find pairs I really like at J.Crew, but they are hellza expensive.

a&f cardigan; forever21 dress; banana scarf, a&e skirt

if I could sew my own clothes, my wardrobe would be a collection of J. Crew replicas.

I need to learn one of these days.

paper bag shorts.

adding to my to-get list.

i should find work to pay for my list. i hate doing contracted design work. i esp. hate when people don't pay AND don't answer your calls. it's such a pain.