day of thrifting and photography with nobel.

(Haight, San Francisco)

oxfords + cuff pants + suits that are a different color inside = the shit.

Downtown, San Francisco

Some of these are taken by Megumi. I don't know which ones.

This guy can really pull off the stache. Sometimes I wish I were a guy so I could shape my facial hairs in extravagant ways.

The un-fitted pants bother me but I LOVE how he pairs the granny patterned christmas sweater with a less lazy collared jacket
and cropped pants are the shit. they're always the shit. even when it's unintentional, they look amazing.

This lovely man let me photograph him. I forgot to get his contact info but the portrait came out nicely.  too bad i can't show him.

yeah, they were all yellow

(Downtown, San Francisco)

Blazer - Paul Smith; Shirt - H&M; Pants - Urban; Tie - H&M; Shoes - Steve Madden

"Being a musician / composer too I like to look artistic - flamboyant.  I'll mix suits with converse, skinny ties with bright shirts - a European angle.  I worked with Dave Stewart from Eurythmics for 5 years in London and he was a big influence."

Check him out at

I love the buttons on his blazer.  I'm thinking about just buying cheap jackets from H&M and Forever and restitching new buttons for the nice detail.

Doesn't he resemble the lead singer from Delirious?

(Montgomery Station, San Francisco)

Simple and plain outfit, but I loved the yellow and blue color contrast.

strolling through chinatown

only in san francisco..

st. stupid's day parade today in the fi-di. oh how i'll miss random things like these when i go to ri.

cuffed pants + oxfords

lazy day at home today...

why is it so hard to let go.

men who wear low shirts

gives a feminine appeal... kind of revealing but not because there's nothing there.

rah rah ah ah ah... combat

didn't take any of these but combat boots look completely raw.

i realized today that there are doc martens i could put to use in the garage. my sister bought them in the 90s and they have been collecting dust for the past 10 years.
so, I asked my mom for them and she said she threw them away.... YESTERDAY.
asdjfioewrasdlkfj vintage doc martens sell for ~$100 online and she threw them away. in the big garbage bin. dreadful.

(Civic Center, San Francisco)

a little too early for spring.. cropped trousers

rockin' the boots

(Union Square, San Francisco)

picture #2 is the reason i need auto focus. i swear it was completely clear in the viewfinder.. i've noticed nikon is a lot slower than canon at processing pictures.

so simple but so nicely worn. i can't get over how amazing his bag is. its like a wild wild west rucksack.

my sister refuses to drive me anywhere after march 1st.. i really need to learn how to drive. i will set a goal to learn by the end of next saturday. hoorah

smoking shots

went shooting with megumi again today.
we tried filming homeless people and doing that 50 people 1 question thing.. didn't work out too well. i wanted to study class structure and ask homeless people questions but it's hard to come up with the right question. then i get depressed because there's nothing i can do about their circumstance.

i had a personal thing of not shooting people who smoke, but it makes for a nice picture so what the heck.
i like his boots. and the whole boot-look.. kinda rugged hipster meets prep.

my vintage boots have holes them. "vintage is a euphemism for old" -cynthia. nicely said.

the lack of auto-focus compatibility with my lens is starting to frustrate me.

the suave and soulful professional

(Financial District)

scarf-tucked-in-jacket look again. i like his play on patterns with the polka-dot tie and striped scarf. everything's strict and business-y 'cept for his chest area.

new nikon camera. it has VIDEO! :D
unfortunately, i was not aware that the lens does not have autofocus so now i have to manual focus all my shots and i am terrible at telling whether the subject is in focus or not through the viewfinder.

bike was just parked there. some people are seriously trustworthy with their stuff... they always leave their backpacks in the bookstore cafe while they go grab coffee or take a piss.

when clothes fit

(Financial District)

the v-neck scarf look reminds me of a military uniform.. i have no clue what is attached to his left shoulder

(Financial District)

i love the way his pants fit. it looks ahhhmazing when people wear pants that fit, like clinton kelly. and ORANGE socks add that playful pop of color to his serious demeanor.. and OXFORDS! i wonder how you bike in oxfords. that must be uncomfortable..


old-lady prints :)

i have $13 in my savings account. 5 months ago i had $700. what a sad, sad life.

i've realized i don't know if i'd ever want to get married. i'm afraid of really liking a guy (or a girl, i don't really know yet) and then having all that fuzzy-amazing-im-in-love stuff ruined by spending so much time together and living together.

so i've decided that when i grow up i want to work a lot and my future spouse-wife will work a lot and we'll rarely get to see each other but when we do it will be amazing and i will never get sick of him or her. sound good? yah.

watched avatar yesterday. three-deee. after 2.5 hours i felt like i had climbed mount everest, thats how exhausted i felt, with all the bombing and gunshots and whatnot.. but all i had done was sit there. kinda over-hyped.

layering necklaces

"Graydon is brilliantly self-invented, pretending to be someone until he became that person."

I love this quote.. from a feature on Vanity Fair's editor Graydon Carter.

San Francisco (Financial District)

This man reminded me of a paperboy.. a little bit to brown for me but I love the pattern of his cardigan.. scruffy and hobo but the tie and hat keep it together

I will never stop loving walking through the fi-di and seeing all the crisp suits and dress shoes (:

oxford shoes.. I'm thinking about dying them a lighter brown

strange man cycling through financial district today.

Wouldn't it be amazing if TV channels had throwback days? ahh the times of Doug and Kenan & Kel. plus, they would 2x the amount of TV viewers b/c today's young'uns would be watching as well as the older ones. oh yes. I guess YouTube can always satiate my old-time loves.

missing Florida & the 70-degree winter weather.