yeah, they were all yellow

(Downtown, San Francisco)

Blazer - Paul Smith; Shirt - H&M; Pants - Urban; Tie - H&M; Shoes - Steve Madden

"Being a musician / composer too I like to look artistic - flamboyant.  I'll mix suits with converse, skinny ties with bright shirts - a European angle.  I worked with Dave Stewart from Eurythmics for 5 years in London and he was a big influence."

Check him out at

I love the buttons on his blazer.  I'm thinking about just buying cheap jackets from H&M and Forever and restitching new buttons for the nice detail.

Doesn't he resemble the lead singer from Delirious?

(Montgomery Station, San Francisco)

Simple and plain outfit, but I loved the yellow and blue color contrast.

strolling through chinatown

only in san francisco..

st. stupid's day parade today in the fi-di. oh how i'll miss random things like these when i go to ri.